We offer a full range of support, services and guidance to give our team members an competitive edge in growing and flourishing in their Real Estate business !!!
Personalized mentoring

Our mentoring program is top notch and is tailor made to your needs. You will have an opportunity to learn the business and business secrets from experienced Realtors as well get leading edge support on all aspects of Real Estate.

Advanced sales training

Top tier sales training weekly sessions to help you excel in your career including but not restricted to: Goal setting, Prospecting, Negotiations, Surviving market ups and downs, Listing presentation, Buyer representation, MLS training and more!

Highly Competitive commission rates

Our package is highly competitive. We believe in successful partnership and thus the best and flexible commission package is offered. We guarantee par excellence.

Inhouse Mortgage and Lawyer Services

We offer services of highly esteemed professionals and success oriented specialists to handle all tough situations and market scenario's , ensuring smooth transition and win for all.

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